​​​​​​​​Expressions Dance & Arts


  Monthly Tuition Rates  (by class time per week per dancer)​

30 min Class
45 min Class
1 hr Class
1.5 hr per Week  (multiple classes)
1.75 hr per Week  (multiple classes)
2 hr per Week  (multiple classes)
3 hr per Week  (multiple classes)
Each Additional Hour per Week
Recital Participation Fee  (due in March)$75
Unlimited Classes 
Yearly Registration
Family Yearly Registration

Drop-In Dance Class  (45 min class)

Private Dance Lesson  (email for more info)===
Fitness Classes  (per month)$80
Fitness Personal Training  (1 hr)$80

Summer Camps
5-day  (1.5 hr per day)    

5-day  (2 hr per day)    



Girl Scout Events  (per dancer)$15
Birthday Dance Parties 

Tuition may be paid by:

   Credit Card through your online account when you register (link below).

     Monthly tuition is due on the 1st of each month and will be collected by autoPay.
Thank you!

Tuition Policies:

Tuition is due at the beginning of each month. Your card on file will be charged on or near the first of each month. To drop a class for the subsequent month, a 2-week notice, by email, is all that is required. 

EDA does not offer refunds.

Yearly registration fee is an administrative fee that offsets insurance costs and software licensing fees for on-line accounting. 

We plan classes based on enrollment, and a 2-week notice is required to change or drop a class. If notice is not received TWO weeks before the subsequent month, a space is still reserved for your dancer and tuition will be due.
Classes usually meet 4 times per month, though some months vary with classes meeting 3 or 5 times per month. Tuition remains the same for each month. 

We offer family discounts for dance classes. Please email for details.