See below Class Schedule for Dress Code.

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Dance Season!

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Recital Dance Class      Performance Team Class      Fitness Class      Non-Recital Dance Class


Dancers should wear proper attire and shoes for their style of dance.

    - Pink BALLET Shoes  –  for all Team Ballet & Ballet Combo Classes. 
    - Black TAP Shoes  –  for all Team Tap & Tap Combo Classes; For safety, no split soles. Solid sole only. 
    - Black JAZZ Shoes  –  for all Team Jazz, Jazz Combo (except Tiny Dancers) & Jazzy Hip Hop Classes. 
    - Sneakers  –  for all HIP HOP Classes (hip hop shoes must be clean and used for dance only). For safety,

      NO low rise sneakers, platform sneakers, or sneakers with front zippers in place of laces. 

      NOTE: HIP HOP dancers will need a different performance shoe (TBD in the spring, based on costume).

    - For Team Ballet Classes  –  Hair in a bun. Leotard and tights. 
    - For Other Classes including Ballet Combo Classes  –  Hair pulled away from face in a bun, ponytail, or with clips                for short hair. Comfortable top and dance or yoga shorts / pants OR leotard and tights.

    - For Hip Hop  –  Sweatpants, track pants, or other athletic style pants/shorts are also acceptable.
    - Twirling Tots & Tiny Dancers –  Ballet and Tap shoes. Leotard with attached skirt and tights OR comfortable top with            shorts, leggings or pants recommended. A dress with ballet shoes is acceptable for trial Tots class.
    - For Team Ballet & Ballet Combo Classes  –  Comfortable top, black dance pants, and black ballet shoes.
    - All Other Classes  –  Comfortable top, athletic shorts or pants, and same shoes listed for girls.

NOTE:  You do not need to purchase shoes or dance clothing from EDA. A-1 Dance & Theatrical (22120 Redwood Rd, Castro Valley) carries our recommended shoes. Please let A-1 know you are from Expressions so they can help fit you with the shoes we recommend (reasonable combination of quality and price).


Twirling Tots = age 2-3        

Tiny Dancers = age 4-6                              
Lil's = age 6-8                                                                           
Mini = age 8-11                                 
Junior = age 11-13  (Jr classes by approval to ensure placement in correct age/skill level.)           
Teen = age 13+      (Teen classes by approval to ensure placement in correct age/skill level.)                                         
Adult = age 18+ 


TWIRLING TOTS is a 30 minute INTRO to DANCE for ages 2-3. Young dancers learn basic BALLET and TAP while twirling with tutus, teddy bears and ribbons. Taught in a fun, nurturing and encouraging setting by experienced and engaging staff. 
        LEVEL 1 - younger and beginning Tots.  
        LEVEL 2 - older and experienced Tots.

TINY DANCERS is a 45 minute combo class with BALLET, TAP, JAZZ and/or INTRO to Jazzy HIP HOP for ages 4-6. Tiny Dancers continue to learn ballet technique along with basic tap and jazzy hip hop, which introduces rhythm, balance and musicality. A fun and confidence-building class for preschool and kinder dancers. Tiny dancers need ballet shoes and tap shoes ONLY.

MUSICAL THEATER  for ages 6+. An entertaining dance class incorporating TAP and elements of JAZZ, BALLET and  HIP HOP along with singing and light character acting. Classes will focus on a different musical theater theme each month, before concentrating on one musical in the spring in preparation for a recital performance. Examples of musicals include "The Sound of Music", "Shrek", "Hairspray", "Suessical", "Annie", "Singing in the Rain", "The Wizard of Oz", and all things Disney including "Frozen", Princesses, "Moana", etc. 

LYRICAL and CONTEMPORARY for ages 8+. More mature modern styles of dance that combine elements of jazz and ballet, featuring elongated, expressive and exaggerated movements. Learn to dance like your favorite stars on "So You Think You Can Dance" and "World of Dance".

BALLET, TAP, JAZZ and HIP HOP for ages 4+. BALLET is a classical and technical style of dance distinguished by graceful, precise and flowing movements. TAP is a rhythmic style of dance characterized by tapping of the feet, often with a syncopated beat. JAZZ is an energetic style of dance known for combining classical ballet movements with technical leaps and turns. HIP HOP, also known as street dance, is an animated style of dance combining rhythm, spins, leaps and isolated movements. BALLET, TAP, JAZZ and HIP HOP are excellent classes for building a strong dance foundation as well as confidence in movement.

​​​​​​​​Expressions Dance & Arts

Recital Dance Class   

Performance Team Class

Fitness Class     

Non-Recital Dance Class

2023 SUMMER CLASSES   (June 7 - July 27)NOTES

4:00     Tiny Ballet & Jazz  (age 4-6; 45 min)
4:50     Mini Ballet, Jazz & Lyrical  
(age 8-10; 45 min)
5:40     Jr/Teen Ballet, Jazz & Contemporary  
(age 11+; 45 min)
6:30     TEAM INTENSIVE Stretch, Strength & Conditioning 
(age 9+; 60 min)
7:35     Pre-Pointe 
(13+; by approval; 45 min)
8:25     Adult Ballet 
(45 min)


Last updated 2/21/23.

Registration opens APRIL 1.

Vacation Flexibility Discount:

8 summer classes for the price of 6.

4:00     Twirling Tots Ballet & Creative Movement  (age 2-3; 30 min)
4:35     Lil’s Ballet, Jazz & Lyrical 
(age 6-8; 45 min)
5:25     TEAM Mini/Jr Ballet, Lyrical & Jazz   
(age 9-12; 90 min)
7:00     TEAM Teen/Sr Ballet, Contemporary & Jazz 
(age 13+; by approval; 90 min)

2022-2023 SCHEDULE   (Aug 15 - May 26)



3:45     Team Mini/Jr Tap  (age 8-12)
4:30     Jr/Teen Tap & Jazz  (age 12+) 
5:15     Team Teen/Sr Tap  
(age 12+)
6:00     Team Teen Jazz Tech & Rehearsal  
(age 12-14)
7:30     Team Sr Jazz Tech & Rehearsal  
(age 14+; 90 min)


Last updated 11/03/22.

Some classes are full.

Recital Dance Class   
Performance Team Class

Fitness Class     
Non-Recital Dance Class


9:30     Women's Fitness Circuit  (adult; 45-60 min; Tu/Th)   BEGINS SEPT 6

3:45     Tiny Ballet, Tap & Jazz  (ballet & tap shoes only; age 4-6)   COMING SOON

4:30     Team Jr Jazz Tech & Rehearsal  (age 9-12)
5:45     Team Mini/Jr Hip Hop  
(age 8-12)

6:30     Mini Hip Hop  
(age 8-11)    
7:15     Team Teen/Sr Hip Hop  (age 13+)
8:00     Jr/Teen Hip Hop  
(age 12+)   

8:45     Adult Hip Hop  (age 18+; 45 min)    BEGINS SEPT 6

Dance classes end 5/26/23.

Formal Recital is 5/27/23.

Fitness classes offer 2 workout days.

Personal Training sessions available.


3:45     Lil's Ballet, Tap & Jazz  (ballet & tap shoes only; age 6-8)
4:30     Team Jr Ballet Tech & Lyrical  
(age 9-12)
5:45     Team Teen Ballet Tech & Contemporary 
(age 12-14)
7:15     Team Sr Ballet Tech & Contemporary 
(age 14+)
8:45     Team Sr Small Group  
(age 14+; 30 min)

TEAM is by audition/invitation only.


9:30     Women's Fitness Circuit  (adult; 45-60 min; Tu/Th; starts Sept 6)

3:45     Tiny Ballet, Tap & Jazz  (ballet & tap shoes only; age 4-6)   ALMOST FULL
4:30     Lil's/Mini Ballet & Lyrical 
(age 6-9)

5:15     Team Mini Technique & Rehearsal  (age 8-11)
6:30     Mini/Jr Ballet & Lyrical (age 9-12)
7:15     Team TIA  (Turns, Improv & Audition Prep; age 12+)
8:15     Jr/Teen Ballet & Contemporary  (age 12+; 45 min)   ALMOST FULL


3:45     Tiny Ballet, Tap & Jazz  (ballet & tap shoes only; age 4-6)   ALMOST FULL
4:30     Lil's Jazzy Hip Hop 
(age 6-8)   FULL
5:15     Mini Jazzy Hip Hop & Tap
(age 8-11)   ALMOST FULL

6:00     Non-Recital Ballet & Jazzy Hip Hop (age 4-7)
6:45     Non-Recital Ballet & Jazzy Hip Hop  (age 8-11; 45 min)


9:15     Twirling Tots  (age 2-3; 30 min)   FULL
9:50     Tiny Ballet, Tap & Jazz  (ballet & tap shoes only; age 4-6; 45 min)  ALMOST FULL
10:40    Lil's/Mini Jazzy Hip Hop & Tap  
(age 6-9; 45 min)

TBD     Parent-Dancer Recital Class  (Class will meet monthly on SAT or SUN, JAN-MAY 2023

                  to prepare for Recital Performances on MAY 27, 2023. Please email for more info.)