MONDAY     (12:00 Ms Kim; 3:15 Ms Wendy)

12:00    Women's Fitness Circuit      (adult)  (45-60 min; M/W)

3:15      TEAM Technique & Ballet             (age 7-9) (45 min)
4:15      TEAM Technique & Ballet             (age 10-12) (90 min)

6:00      TEAM Technique & Ballet             (age 13+)  (90 min)

Total Body Workout - cardio, strength, core, balance and stretch!

Team technique, turns and ballet in preparation for Nutcracker in Dec.

TUESDAY     (10:00 Ms Kim; 3:15 Ms Veronica; 6:15 Ms Wendy)

10:00    Women's Fitness Circuit        (adult) (45-60 min; Tu/Th)

3:15      Ballet & Lyrical                               (age 6-10) (45 min)  

4:15      Tap & Jazz Musical Theater          (age 6-10) (45 min)
5:15      Tap & MT  (TAP exp req'd)                         (age 10+) (45 min)

6:15      Pilates - Stretch & Strength          (age 10+) (45 min)

Fitness is a 60 min class, but can be stopped at 45 min for those with limited time.

Ballet & Lyrical Combo with Nutcracker performance in Dec.

Tap & MT with Nutcracker performance in Dec.

Pilates for Dancers ~ Keep up with fitness while classes are virtual.

WEDNESDAY     (12:00 Ms Kim; 3:15 Ms Wendy)  

12:00    Women's Fitness Circuit       (adult) (45-60 min; M/W)

3:15      TEAM Jazz & Contemporary          (age 10-12) (1 hr)
4:30      Boys & Girls Hip Hop                      
(age 9-12) (45 min)
5:30      TEAM Jazz & Contemporary          (age 13+) (1 hr)

6:45      Hip Hop                                            (age 13+) (45 min)

Team Jazz & Contemporary choreography.

Hip Hop with Nutcracker performance in Dec.

THURSDAY     (10:00 Ms Kim; 3:15 Ms Veronica; 6:00 Ms Wendy)

10:00    Women's Fitness Circuit        (adult) (45-60 min; Tu/Th)

3:15      Tiny Dancers                                    (age 3-5) (30 min)
4:00      Boys & Girls Jazzy Hip Hop            
(age 6-9) (45 min)
5:00      TEAM Jazz & Jazzy Hip Hop           (age 7-9) (45 min)

​6:00      Pilates - Stretch & Strength             (age 10+) (45 min)

Tiny Dancers is a fun 30 min combo of Ballet & Jazzy Hip Hop.

Hip Hop with Nutcracker performance in Dec.

Team Jazz and Hip Hop in preparation for Nutcracker in Dec.

Pilates for Dancers ~ Keep up with fitness while classes are virtual.

Zoom Class Link, ID and Password will be emailed to all registered students.​

Recreational Class    Company/TEAM Class     Fitness Class

FEES for Fall 2020 Virtual Classes

     30-min weekly class  =  $35/mo

     45-min weekly class  =  $45/mo

     60-min weekly class  =  $55/mo

     90-min weekly class  =  $65/mo

Recital Class     Non-Recital Class      Technique Class     Team Class


Twirling Tots = age 2-3.5                                       
Tiny Dancers = age 4-6                              
Lil's = age 6-8                                                                           
Mini = age 8-11                                 
Junior = age 11-13  (Junior classes by approval to ensure placement in correct age/skill group.)           
Teen = age 13+      (Teen classes by approval to ensure placement in correct age/skill group.)                                         
Adult = age 18+ 


TWIRLING TOTS is a 30 minute INTRO to DANCE for ages 2-3. Young dancers learn basic BALLET while twirling with tutus, teddy bears and ribbons. Taught in a fun, nurturing and encouraging setting by experienced and engaging staff. 
        LEVEL 1 - younger and beginning Tots.  
        LEVEL 2 - older and experienced Tots ready for an introduction to Tap.

TINY DANCERS is a 45 minute BALLET & TAP class with INTRO to Jazzy HIP HOP for ages 4-6. Tiny Dancers continue to learn ballet technique along with basic tap and jazzy hip hop, which introduces rhythm, balance and musicality. A fun and confidence-building class for preschool and kinder dancers.

MUSICAL THEATER  for ages 6 and up. An entertaining dance class incorporating jazz and elements of ballet, hip hop and tap along with singing and light character acting. Classes will focus on a different musical theater theme each month, before concentrating on one musical in the spring in preparation for a recital performance. Examples of musicals include "The Sound of Music", "Shrek", "Hairspray", "Suessical", "Annie", "Singing in the Rain", "The Wizard of Oz", and all things Disney including "Frozen", Princesses, "Moana", etc. 

LYRICAL and CONTEMPORARY for ages 9 and up. More mature modern styles of dance that combine elements of jazz and ballet, featuring elongated, expressive and exaggerated movements. Learn to dance like your favorite stars on "So You Think You Can Dance" and "World of Dance".

BALLET, TAP, JAZZ and HIP HOP for ages 4 and up. BALLET is a classical and technical style of dance distinguished by graceful, precise and flowing movements. TAP is a rhythmic style of dance characterized by tapping of the feet, often with a syncopated beat. JAZZ is an energetic style of dance known for combining classical ballet movements with technical leaps and turns. HIP HOP, also known as street dance, is an animated style of dance combining rhythm, spins, leaps and isolated movements. BALLET, TAP, JAZZ and HIP HOP are excellent classes for building a strong dance foundation as well as confidence in movement.

​​​​​​​Expressions  Dance & Arts


​ CLASS DESCRIPTIONS and AGES below schedules. 
 COLOR CODE:   Recital Class   Non-Recital Class   Technique Class   Team Class​

​​​​​​​   FALL 2020 CLASS SCHEDULE   

  Virtual Dance & Fitness Classes NEW Schedule IN PROGRESS.​     ​Last updated 7/30/20

Click here for REGISTRATION

Offering virtual classes for the Fall season.

EDA Company / TEAM classes will focus on technique, choreography, staying strong for future in-person classes AND a Nutcracker performance in DEC (virtual or in-person TBD).

Recreational classes will focus on different monthly themes including Disney, Broadway,

Halloween AND a Nutcracker performance in Dec.

Fitness classes provide a total body workout including

cardio, strength training, core work, balance exercises and stretching.


​Studio  I “Inspire”    

Classes in Studio I may be viewed from lobby.​​

Studio  J “Jeté”                                      2019 Season
Classes in Studio J may be viewed from patio area.

MONDAY    (Miss Morgan)
3:30      Solos/Duos/Trios              
4:30      Mini/Jr Lyrical Team 
5:30      Jr/Teen Contemporary Team
6:30      Teen Contemporary Team 
7:30      Sr Contemporary Team

MONDAY    (Miss Michelle)
3:30      Ballet 2 (by approval)  
4:30      Ballet 3 (by approval)
5:30      Ballet 4 (by approval)
6:30      Ballet 5 (by approval)

TUESDAY    (Miss Destinee 9:00; Miss Wendy 3:30)
9:35      Twirling Tots (Ballet & Intro to Tap; age 2.5-4)

10:15    Tiny Ballet & Tap (Non-Recital; 45 min)

3:30      Mini/Jr Team TLC

4:30      Mini/Jr Jazz Team
5:30      Jr/Teen Team TLC
6:30      Teen Team TLC
7:30      Teen Hip Hop Team

8:30      Solos/Duos/Trios

TUESDAY  (Miss Veronica / Miss Destinee 3:15; Miss Laura 5:40; Miss Lea 6:30)   
3:15      Tiny Ballet & Tap (plus Intro to Jazzy Hip Hop)

​4:00      Lil's Pre-Team Tap & Technique

5:40      Lil's Jazzy Hip Hop & Tap (Miss Laura; 45 min) 
6:30      Jr/Teen Hip Hop Team

7:30      Jr/Teen Hip Hop (age 12+; age 11 by approval)


WEDNESDAY    (Miss Morgan)            
3:30      Private Lessons

4:30      Mini/Jr Hip Hop Team

5:30      Teen Team TLC 

6:30      Teen Jazz MT Team

7:30      Jr/Teen Jazz & Contemporary (age 12+)

WEDNESDAY    (Miss Michelle)          
4:30      Lil's Ballet & Intro to Lyrical
5:30      Mini Ballet & Lyrical
6:30      Jr/Teen Ballet & Lyrical (age 12+; age 11 by approval)

7:30      Pointe & Adv Technique (age 13+; by approval)​​

THURSDAY    (Miss Wendy)
3:30      Team Technique (age 9+)

4:30      Jr/Teen Team TLC (Turns, Leaps, Conditioning)

5:30      Jr/Teen Jazz MT Team

6:30      Teen Tap Team

7:30      Teen Jazz MT Team (Large Group)

THURSDAY    (Miss Veronica)
3:30      Lil's/Mini Jazz MT Team (w Jazzy Hip Hop)
4:30      Mini/Jr Tap Team

5:30      Mini Tap & Jazz Musical Theater

6:30      Jr/Teen Tap & Jazz MT (age 12+; age 11 by approval)

7:30      Adult Tap (beg-int level; 45 min) ​

FRIDAY    (Miss Veronica & Miss Destinee) 
3:30      Tiny Ballet & Tap (plus Intro to Jazzy Hip Hop)
4:15      Lil's Tap & Jazz Musical Theater 
5:00      Solos/Duos/Trios

5:45      Non-Recital Jazzy Hip Hop (age 5-8; 45 min)

FRIDAY    (Miss Lea)
3:30      Lil's Jazzy Hip Hop
4:15      Boys & Girls Hip Hop (age 8-12) 
5:00      Boys & Girls Hip Hop(age 8-12)

5:45      Jazzy Hip Hop (age 6-9; 45 min)  

SATURDAY    (Miss Laura)
8:55      Twirling Tots (Ballet & Intro to Tao; age 2.5-4)
9:30      Tiny Ballet & Tap (age 4-5) 

10:20    Tiny Tap & Jazz (age 5-6; older Tiny Dancers w/ exp)

SATURDAY    (Miss Lea)         

10:20    Boys & Girls Jazzy Hip Hop (age 6-9; 45 min)


                                        Schedule is subject to change.​​